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Rino realty specializes in this emerging transitional neighborhood located along the south platte river. North of downtown Denver which  has gained its own individual identity as an arts district appropriately nicknamed RINO, an acronym for the river north arts district. With its own stakeholder public art “logo”.  This once predominately industrial area is rapidly changing, bounded on the north of I-70,west of I-25, south of park avenue west and east of Arapahoe street is quickly becoming the emerging hot spot for artists, millennials, and Denver real estate development.

Rino Real Estate Art

With an ever expanding array of artists, studios, galleries, restaurants, and  current events Rino real estate has become red hot spot for Denver entrepreneurs. Denver’s real estate visionary developer Mickey Zeppelin planned and pioneered the new urbanism  20 acre development called “Taxi.” The taxi development features modernism architecture, sustainable building materials, personalization and collaboration features combined to achieve a local “social feel” encompassed in this mixed use new urban styled community. This former 25,000 sq. ft.  yellow cab headquarters was the initial building in this mixed  use certified Leed building complex. Which currently includes over 200,000 sq. ft. of office, retail and  warehouse space. Over eighty separate  business, employing over 400 employees and forty four residences currently call taxi home.

Rino Real Estate Taxi Development

Green recycled construction components played a prominent role some examples include: Discarded tempered glass hockey panels designed to let sunlight enter the living space. Reclaimed wooden bowling lanes redesigned as office furniture and separate work spaces. Recycled wooden gym floors re purposed as counter tops. Bamboo paneling around the sinks, Steel shipping containers reconfigured and welded end to end into a sold structure that was re purposed as a swimming pool and became a focal point! Original wooden yellow cab garage doors that let in extensive natural light and can be opened similar to smaller glass sliding doors and let fresh air into the living space. These recycled garage doors became a very popular item to all residents that occupied the  taxi development! All of these recycled green construction components accumulated points towards Leed green building certification.

Repurposed Garage Doors, A Popular Green Feature

Up next is a 25,000 sq. ft. 1880’s warehouse space redesigned as an European air styled market space nicked named “the source.” Designed  for up to twenty five separate tenants, currently home to 15 separate tenants with each separate tenant positioned in their own physical space, in an open community environment. Current vendors include a variety  of artesian food, retailers, and a cocktail bar.

the source fresh produce for rino living

Rino real estate has exploded now approaching A BILLION dollars in development in the just the last three years alone! Two recent developments are, Factory flats is the only LEED platinum condo development in Denver. Offering 24 green condos, office and retail space located at 32nd and Bake. The building will have solar roof panels and be both LEED platinum and Energystar certified. Backyard on Blake a 50,000 square foot development will offer residential,office, studio and retail space, located at 30th and 31st on Blake street. Just six walking blocks away at 38th and Blake street is the new RINO light rail station under construction. This super hot real estate location will be home to a new international world trade center opening in 2019. An expansion of the downtown Denver location. Ground breaking on this transitional land will happen in 2017 for this unbelievable TOD development! The initial phase is projected to cost 200 million dollars, Include 200k sq. ft. of office space, 30K sq. ft. of retail space for restaurants, upscale retail and movie space, with an adjacent 200 room hotel! This  Rino real estate project will also include on site public parking. The closer proximity to the light rail station the more expensive the housing becomes. Housing located 300 feet from the light rail station can be valued more than 10% higher than housing located 1.200 feet from the light rail station.

rino realty new world trade center opening 2019

A new pedestrian walkway is currently under construction across the light rail tracks. The city of Denver has developed a plan with all the major stakeholders in RINO for public infrastructure improvements. Widening Brighton Boulevard, green medians, improving pedestrian walkways, enhancing the south Platte river receiving a 25 million dollar redevelopment project. Including providing green infrastructure, vegetation, trees and plants installed along the river banks. Improving all the pedestrian and biking trails.

south platte rino living river walk

RINO River North is now a trendy Denver hot spot! With all the new real estate development the local artists now have a new concern…rising rents. Artists are being priced out of the market. RINO has developed a plan to “keep RINO wild” developing co ops for artists in order to keep rents reasonable and force a balancing act between keeping the local  community “gritty” and massive real estate development!

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