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In 1979 president Jimmy Carter proposed a national energy policy and installed solar panels on the white house roof as a national symbol of the United States beginning to become energy efficient. [….more]

tsEnergy star was created in the early 1990’s as a joint venture between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the department of Energy. (DOE), Energy star’s primary focus is on improving energy performance and reducing green house gas emissions. [….more]

Leed founded in 1993 stands for leadership in energy and environmental design. Leed is a voluntary program and is administered through United states green building council (USGBC). USGBC is an international nonprofit that offers various types of green rating systems. One rating specifically designed and targeted for green neighborhoods. [….more]

fhb192xs024-01_med National green building standard. NGBS approved and debuted in 2008 more than 15 years later than LEED.The NGBS is a collaboration between the National association of home builders (NAHB) and International code council. (ICC) [….more]

Earthcraft-Logo1Earthcraft is a voluntary program launched in 1999 which is a regional program for climate conditionstailored for the southeast united states. Earth craft certification is used from Virginia to Georgia. [….more]

Water-Sense-Label-mdWater sense®. Is an EPA voluntary program started in 2006, designed to improve water efficiency through consumer educational labeling. With an ever expanding array of products and services displaying the water sense label. Third party verification  and certifying to be a minimum of 20% more water efficient than conventional products without sacrificing consumer performance. In the near future water will become a scarce valuable resource, prices will rise, availability will be restricted, water efficiency will be measured, documented and a numerical water efficiency number from 1 to 100 will be applied to residential and commercial real estate. Nations will control water accessibility to the public at large!

RESNET_HERS_Index_Logo2HERS score/index, home energy rating system (HERS) created in 1995 by third party non profit residential energy services network (resnet).  The HERS score  is nationally recognized by the federal government,environmental protection agency (EPA) and the mortgage industry. The Hers score is a numeric numeral that directly translates into the energy efficiency of the selected inspected home. The trained and certified ecorater inspects the home and benchmarks the home against a reference home. A computer model of a home that is the same shape and size. [….more]

netzerocertificationLaunched in late 2006 the Living building challenge substantially raises the green bar and offers a rigorous net zero building certification. Net zero green certification is rapidly becoming  the future of  green building. Net zero is located on the extreme end of green building scale. Net zero is defined as either a residential or commercial building structure which produces all the energy that is consumed on an annual basis within the certified building. There are currently three levels of net zero certification. Full certification, petal recognition, and net zero energy  building certification. [….more]

well-building-standardWell Building Standard®:(IWBI) The certified well standard, administered by Delos living, debuted in 2014. The well standard focuses on the indoor environment containments  to improve health and wellness for all occupants. People send 90% of their time indoors and are adversely effected by indoor pollutants such as: carbon monoxide, mold, radon, VOC’s, particulates, and a host of other pollutants. Proper ventilation and filtration is the key to cleansing the indoor air environment. The wellness standard contains seven concepts that effect human occupants. Mind, fitness, comfort, light, air, water and nourishment.

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