Highpoint, Washington

Highpoint neighborhood located in west Seattle, Washington previously consisted of over 700 rapidly deteriorating war world two housing units, which were demolished  and replaced by a visionary mixed  mixed use one hundred and twenty acre (120) acre green community on the remaining natural infrastructure. A natural drainage system was developed and installed to process  rain water run off. Over 150 original legacy trees were preserved  and integrated into the tree lined streets  to provide a walkable neighborhood for all the residents to enjoy a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Each individual legacy tree was researched and  recorded, by the local school community. Individual fences were constructed around each tree. Every legacy tree was given a replacement value determined by a certified arborist. The highest replacement tree value was over $70,000. Parks, trails, ponds, creeks, and open green space  were developed and integrated through out this green community. Sustainable housing was constructed to high light natural scenic views from down town Seattle, Washington.

highpoint washington green community

Five hand picked green home builders were selected to construct  two bedroom and  three bedroom townhomes and three bedroom cottage style homes with new urbanism style detached garages and front porches. New sustainable homes start in the high 200’s and feature energy star appliances, water conservation features and wide plank recycled hardwood flooring.

The highpoint transit orientated development (TOD)community consists of over 1,600 units with approximately 800 of the units being dedicated to low income qualified residents. All of the units meet Seattle’s three star built green energy code. Many of the units exceeded this threshold and are four star energy star certified which required third party certification. Each of the five green builders that were initially developed and implemented green building construction components. Each green homebuilder highlighted selected green building construction components such as: recycled hardwood floors, solar hot water heaters, cork flooring, and paper stone countertops. The highpoint community is winner of numerous sustainable awards. The 2007 Urban Land Institute award, The NAHB 2007 national green multi family award, and the 2007 Built green hammer award.

Realizing that indoor air quality is a key component in asthma related diseases, especially in low income communities, Highpoint was the first green community in the United States to initially develop and construct breathe easy homes. Compatible with sustainable housing, sixty (60) of these  low income homes were designated and constructed to be breathe easy homes with improved indoor air quality,better ventilation and high performance insulation.

The highpoint community is home to a wide variety of restaurants to suite many different palates. A community center, medical and dental facilities, farmers market, and a new library that features  using natural rain water run off to irrigate the surrounding eco landscape.

This sustainable community features a kinder garden through 8th grade school, A historic renovated high school with cultural arts facilities located on the renovated first floor of this 1917 designated historic structure. Highpoint community is a green trendsetter and one of the first green communities constructed in the nation!

Badger Mountain South

Located just ten minutes from down town Redmond, Washington, Badger mountain south, a 1,500 acre master planned green community has formed a collaborative partnership with Bosch Group and Orca Energy, to provide a turn key solution for geothermal heating/cooling/hot water, upscale residential appliances, home security and electric vehicle (EV)charger for each community  home. Sustainable homeowners will benefit from a quiet operating geothermal system and consistent predictable energy costs adding value to each Energy Star home.

badger mountain washington community pool

Orca energy a geothermal provider, will preinstall the geothermal community loop infrastructure. Bosch Group will supply a heat pump for heating and cooling each individual home/business, and a suitable hot water solution. The homes will also be prewired to incorporate a solar array system designed to be compatible with the geothermal loop in an effort for each home to be able to obtain net zero energy certification. A net zero home generates as much energy as it consumes annually, returning excess energy back to the electrical grid

Bosch geothermal heat pumps will be connected to the orca geothermal community loop which consists of bore holes that utilize the earths energy. Geothermal energy located a few feet underground is a constant thermal source of energy. One of the most cost effective and efficient renewable forms of energy. Each home will also use a Bosch hot water heat pump to further leverage the geothermal technology.

Using the Orca financing model the homeowner pays a one time connection fee, usually offset by tax incentives/rebates then a monthly utility charge, billed on a quarterly basis. The monthly utility charge is set at or below the actual utility savings for all heating/cooling. This provides the homeowner with a consistent utility charge and completely eliminates the large upfront cost of installing the geothermal ground loop and all associated maintenance.

Green certification includes:
– Energy Star certified homes
– Energy Star appliances
– Geothermal system
– Bosch heat pumps
– Bosch hot water pumps
– Solar arrays
– Low E windows
– CFL lighting
– 400 acres of greenways and pocket parks
– 18 miles of trails

The Badger Mountain mixed use community will include 5,000 Energy Star homes positioned on 1/4 to 3/4 acre lots. Two hundred  acres of commercial and office development, a medical campus and will be home to 15,000 future residents. Every home within the entire community will be less than a 10 minute walk to a park or trail. Other community features offered are: Health club, fitness rooms, specialty retail shopping, 500 seat amphitheater, wine village, all types of restaurants, and hotels all within a walkable community to provide a healthy sustainable lifestyle to all the residents. Homes range in price form the 200’s to the 700’s with five builders to choose from. Phase one called West vineyard is now being sold by local greenbrokers!

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