Del Sur, California

Located in downtown San Diego one of the largest sustainable green communities in California Del Sur features artechitectual diversity and incorporates a healthy walkable community encompassing over 1000 acres of open spacewith 18 miles of trails connecting to an additional 4000 acres of the black mountain ranch. This allows Del Sur residents the ability to bike  to the entire community, schools and recreation opportunities. This facilitates a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

downtown san diego

Featuring five neighborhoods including 13 individual neighborhood parks with Leed certified green homebuilders constructing 8 different  elevations and distinct artechtectual styles of homes to please all types of sustainable homeowners. Green home prices range from  600’s to over 1 million dollars.

All homes in the Del Sur community are constructed to the Sierra club and  Leed green home  standard. The ranch house was awarded the first leed platinum certification in San Diego.

Some of the green features included in the community are:
– 20% of all the homes incoporate solar power.
– All homes include mandatory tankless water heaters and weather based satellite irrigation services.
– Every sustainable home includes low toxin paints( VOC’s) and adhesives.
– Low emission windows and energy star appliances are included in every home.
– The leed green building program also incorporates a construction and recycling program with over 90% of the waste being diverted from local  landfills.
– Drought resistant exterior landscaping encompassing drought resistant plants utilizing recycled rain water helps reduce valuable community water consumption.

Some of the notable green awards associated with Del Sur are:
– Urban land institute smart growth project,Califormia award for economic and environmental leaderhip, california water award, Leed certified platinum award and recycler of the year.

del sur community pool

Del Sur Amenities:
– Top rated schools in the Poway unified school district (PUSD). One of the top districts in the state of California.
– Currently 13 differerent parks with 5 solar heated pools for the enjoyment of community residents.
– A  green Leed platinum  certified ranch house that incorporates many green forward looking features for residents to view and use.The ranch house also includes awesome views of the Black Mountain Ranch. In 2016  an all accessible wheel chair flat  loop opened in black mountain ranch state park. Named “Jas Arnold trail for all people” The first accessible wheel chair trail in San Diego!

Also of note is the  california green communites coalition. A community based effort that encourgaes cities to adopt energy savings, reduce enviromental polution,reduce waste consumption, reduce community water consumption, focus on renewables, alternative fuels and public transportation projects.

Currently there are seven communities participating in the california plan,Culver City,Monrovia,River Side, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley,Ventura, and Claremont. In addition there are many corporations that have sighned on and are participating in the program. Toyota, ecycling, Southern California Edison,Energy coalition and Lifestyle global to name a few.

Quay Valley

Located less than 3 hours from two world class cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles Quay valley will become a model for green communities nationwide. Constructed from the ground up this 7,500 acre community will be self sufficient using the defining sunlight of the California central valley as renewable energy. Combining new urbanism principals with smart growth Quay Valley will be home to seventy five thousand residents and twenty five thousand 100% solar powered homes and fifteen new schools. Creating 30 thousand new jobs in the sunshine state. Clean energy will be the central focus and defining factor in the sustainable development community. With all homes and business using renewable solar energyrooftop panels to limit the amount of burned fossil fuels consumed and thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gasreleased into the atmosphere. Quay Valley will construct a 600 mega watt solar power plant for all the business communities energy consumption.

In addition to becoming 100% energy efficient Quay Valley green principals will focus of water conservation and grey water recycling. With global warming now effecting the annual participation rate, extreme heat and over use of ground water aquifers. California is a future example of water rationing that will eventually effect the world’s population. Rather than use traditional infrastructure green infrastructure will be constructed with pipes that carry used water to municipal storm water facilities. Quay Valley will construct a state of the art 200 man made rivers and streams for grey waterrecycling. Using natural plants and vegetation for removing pollutants and recycling water through the entire sustainable community. Storm water runoff will be classified and treated as a monetary resource rather than a discarded waste. Adding to the intrinsic beauty and natural native landscape of the community. These natural streams and waterways will provide recycled water for the entire community thereby consuming less water than traditional towns. Water conservation offers additional community benefits of tree lined waterways, open park space scenic trails and supporting native wildlife.

Sustainable farming will be integrated through out the entire community. Organic agriculture will be established as a core value of the community. Initial Research and development of over one mile of irrigation ditches was instituted to test for the best soils using the nature terrain of the land to create a balance for all future planned irrigation strategies for future community development. Careful selection of indigenous plants and trees using drip irrigation and water recapture were incorporated to obtain the highest water efficiency possible.

organic food

Quay Valley will be designed as a California  entertainment destination offering three separate themed hotels, convention centers and conference room facilities for all types of  corporate clients. Additional attractions will include: A sports complex, white water kayaking, museums, soccer complex, festivals grounds, and a water side amphitheater. There will be over two million square feet of specialty retail, world class restaurants, baseball stadium and surf parks for all the tourists to enjoy!

Quay Valley will be master planned and developed by Grow Holdings. ( Green renewable organic and water) A Los Angeles company designed to promote the development of green communities. Focusing on renewable solar energy, organic farming, sustainable construction technology, and state of the art water conservation and recycling practices.  Grow holdings will use industry collaboration with Federal and state political leaders, Pubic utilities, finance groups and innovative sector leaders to position Quay Valley as a model sustainable green community in California.

With the great recession now over, Grow Holdings has submitted an application to rezone  7,500 acres to Kings county community development for a residential and commercial planned sustainable community at the proposed site. In March 2015 Hyper loop transportation tech (HTT) announced plans to construct a five mile test hyper loop at the master planned Quay Valley community. Construction is slated to begin in 2016, the first passengers on the hyper loop to begin in 2018. HTTP is concurrently seeking 100 million dollars in fund raising to begin construction.

quay valley hyper loop

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