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Knowledgeable green brokers are intimately familiar with the planned sterling ranch community. Located in south west Denver, Douglas county, Colorado. This 3,400 acre sustainable development has been in the planning and acquisition stages for the entire last decade! The central focal point of this sustainable development is the integrated land use plan and natural rain water harvesting water conservation plan. With Colorado water precipitation forty(40) percent below average during the summer months Sterling ranch will be Colorado’s test pilot rain water harvesting master planned community! This 21st. century ecodevelopment™ is designed to conserve the futures most precious resource….water!  Rainwater will be captured and reused supplying approximately 30% for exterior natural irrigation. Water will become more valuable than oil, in the future as the world strives to become more sustainable. Sterling ranch residents will consume one third (1/3) less water than conventional communities.

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Dominion water purchased 4,200 acre feet of water. Enough water to support the entire 12,000 home Sterling ranch development. Sterling ranch is the first sustainable community to have a twenty five (25) year water demand…… plan before construction has commenced or the water is utilized! Water will become the expensive valuable natural resource in the future…not entitled development land. As the future unfolds national green certified home builders will structure strategic joint ventures with water resources. Land banking will become passé as development land is useless with out water rights. Additional water agreements have been arraigned with Aurora Colorado water board to supply over 200 million gallons of additional water for Sterling Ranch Colorado.

Sterling Ranch Colorado will be comprised of walkable villages with nearby schools, retail, office, and commercial development available for resident families. There will be over thirty (30) miles of planned trails connecting to existing trail systems for hiking, biking and walking. In close proximity to two state parks and three regional parks. With over forty percent(40%) of the 3,400 acres planned as open green space! Residents will be able to view deer, elk and many different types  of wild life. In addition there will  there will be numerous community parks and planned green space to support a sustainable lifestyle.

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Smart infrastructure will be the backbone of the Sterling Ranch community. The smart community will be one of the very few green communities nationwide to have high gigabyte fiber optic cable embedded in the streets running through out the entire community. This leading edge technology will open the door to many different opportunities: initial opportunities include: real time energy and water monitoring of residential homes by Vanderbilt to be included in their sustainable studies program. Individual sustainable home owners identity can choose to opt in or out and choose not be disclosed. This will allow community wide data to be collected and studied furthering the green communities knowledge.

Street lights will have blue tooth technology beacons to detect when an individual is within its proximity. This will allow lighting and dimming on an as need basis. Helpful in the case of fitness buffs, elderly individuals and lost children.

Voice technology, touch screens in individual homes. Controlling heating and cooling, individual selected applications such as shopping, fitness and home entertainment, Faster internet speeds. This smart infrastructure will allow homeowners to interact just like the Jetsons cartoons decades ago.

Century link communications has won the initial contract connecting the first 3,000 homes with one GB per second in each home. The fastest master planned community in Colorado! Century link also has the option on future phases over the next 20 years. Commercial entities involved with the Sterling Ranch fiber optic community include: Siemens building sciences division, Vanderbilt University, Colorado’s renewable energy lab (NREL) Lumiere fiber, Jigga and Corning.

Sterling Ranch prior to commencing vertical construction has position itself to capitalize on the future development of the internet of things. It is foreseen that the IOT will be the next technology giant with many future opportunities currently unseen.

Phase one called Providence Village is now under construction, and will be comprised of nine separate villages, 800 homes, a church, school, recreation center and 85 acres of open green space. One of the nine villages will be a dedicated wellness center with a local Centura Health center and all other types of holistic health related amenities offered for the residents. Ninety percent of Providence Village lots have been sold to five production homebuilders who will introduce new energy efficient sustainable architecture designed homes. The green homebuilders are:

Cal Atlantic  offering homes from the 500’s. Cal Atlantic is a 2015  merger between Standard Pacific homes and Ryland homes. Brand equity is over 5 billion dollars and the merger seeks to save 60 million dollars in annual operations. The combined footprint of the new entity now cover 17 states.

Meritage Homes offering homes from the upper 400’s

Parkwood Homes offering homes from the 600’s

Richmond American offering homes from the 400’s

Lennar offering homes from the high 300’s

Sterling Ranch is a twenty year ecodevelopment and when completed will be the 22nd largest city in the state of Colorado. Planned and constructed as a sustainable community from the ground up. All construction will be LEED certified.

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