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After more than decade of sustainable construction Stapleton Colorado  continues to expand, now on the north side of I-70. The opening of a new urbanism neighborhood named conservatory green will feature community gathering places, parks, open green spaces with five hundred new certified sustainable homes currently under construction. All of which were quickly sold, surpassing market expectations! The  conservatory green neighborhood will follow the natural landscape of the terrain rather than grade the land and construct traditional streets. Shade  trees will line the public streets, green open space will be integrated through out the north Stapleton neighborhood. Parks will be lined with different types of fruit trees for all Stapleton residents to enjoy! North Stapleton is developing a separate identity from its southern neighborhood.

stapleton, colorado

Classic modernism architecture will be showcased from the more than one dozen green certified builders that will participate in the Stapleton Colorado development. Every north Stapleton home will be constructed to the new stricter Energy star 3.0 guidelines.  Energy Star is  a national energy benchmark for consumers that will now require higher quality, instillation, and inspection for all HVAC systems. There will be approximately 20  product revisions including aligning heating and cooling systems with the different climate zones located through out the united states! As stated by this website more than 3 years ago, there  be futuristic net zero stapleton real estate homes constructed in which these sustainable homes will produce as much energy as these home consume. Thereby having a neutral effect of the energy consumption in the United States. These homes will appraisal higher than other homes as energy consumption will soon be factored into Stapleton mortgages.

Additional features available in the north Stapleton neighborhood include: Numerous community pools, all types of retail shopping, open fire pit, shade structures, Individual back yard organic and community gardens. Rooftop gardens which are growing in international popularity and becoming integrated into sustainable real estate construction. Individual back yard chicken coops that will allow fresh eggs for your family to enjoy! There will also be a space available  for back yard beehives so families can harvest and enjoy fresh honey! Organic food is part of the sustainable lifestyle!

The second north Stapleton community to open will be a 700 home neighborhood called Willow park east. Over a dozen hand selected home builders will offer models and different floor plans. With the great recession now in the rear view mirror the new normal has come to Stapleton. With the collapse of the national economy, unemployed children had to move back in with their parents, data statistics reveal over 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every day, over the next 19 years. Seventeen percent of American’s multi generations live under one roof. Recognizing these economic realities has led one of Stapleton’s Colorado home builders, Lennar to introduce a new type of floor plan to adapt to changing lifestyles. It’s called:

A Home Within A Home™

Lennar Next Gen™

The dual homes will be constructed together as a single home, with the main home consisting of approximately 3,000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, two baths and a two car garage. The accessory dwelling unit (ADU) will consist of a small separate apartment approximately 700 square feet, a separate living area, one bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette (because it lacks a stove), optional one car garage and a separate entrance. The home will use one single electric meter required by building zoning requirements. Therefore it will remain one single residential structure.

This “separate apartment” is designed for multi generational living under one roof. Extended family, retired family members and children who are raising their own families. Lennar introduced the floor plan in 2012 and has test marketed this NEXT GEN  floor plan the last couple of years and has seen considerable interest from all types of home buyers including  Asian and Hispanic families. Lennar has now rolled out this concept nationwide in over 200 communities. The financial results are impressive: Lennar’s sales have grown by 60% in the second quarter 2014 and year over year sales are up 40% for the average home sale.

one of the many available next gen floor plans
kitchenette w/microwave, no stove

The new commuter light rail is basically bisecting the Stapleton neighborhood and is proposed to be open in 2016 with a stop planned at the central park station in Stapleton. This 22.6 mile commuter light rail will connect downtown union station with DIA airport. When opened this (TOD) transit orientated development will allow residents to ride the commuter rail, walk to near by retail, restaurants and specialty  stores. Forest city will develop all the land around the Stapleton TOD as to what the market will support. A recent study validating over eighty percent of children walking to school adds to a healthy sustainable lifestyle and less childhood obesity rates! Stapleton Colorado has over thirty miles(30) of bicycle trail system that connects to over 800 miles of Denver’s bicycle trails. There is also a bicycle share program in effect, every single day of the year as Denver Colorado enjoys over 300 days a year in sunshine!

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