Energy Star

Energy star® was created in the early 1990′s as a joint venture between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the department of Energy. (DOE), Energy star’s primary focus is on improving energy performance and reducing green house gas emissions.

Energy star is a voluntary program covering over 60 different categories and products and  is the nations largest public awareness program associated with labeling of products and buildings. Specific requirements with constant required rigorous upgrades for certification, being implemented for residential/commercial energy efficiency certification include: air sealing insulation, high performance windows, high efficiency heating, cooling and ventilation. Water and moisture conservation and control methods, Estar appliances and lighting. The combined energy efficiency (EE) improvements are up to 30% more energy efficient over conventional homes. However many green communities far exceed this 30% threshold! There is currently over one million Energy Star certified home constructed nationwide!

Estar compliance is achieved by 3rd party green verifiers requiring on site physical inspections verifying the green communities home score and issuing a compliance certificate with a numerical Hers® score rating. It should be noted that solar panels are above the requirements of the Energy star certification.

Energy star also offers an upgrade Indoor air plus certification. When a home contains this certification it is designed to control indoor air quality(IAQ). Using design and added features to each home, contaminants, radon, mold and moisture are all controlled within the indoor environment.